Demonstrating the value your business delivers to society, the economy and the environment

Total Contribution helps organisations in the journey towards a new sustainable economy. Bringing together NEF Consulting’s thinking, methodologies and services, we enable organisations to identify and demonstrate the social, economic and environmental impact created through their supply chain and the activities within their business.

Total Contribution helps organisations to:

  • Identify and measure net impact across the triple bottom line.
  • Develop and align strategies to maximise sustainable performance.
  • Prove their true value in the transition to a new economy.

We use a range of indicators across economic, environmental and social areas: customers,operations, supply chain. We gather data important to you in each area, setting up a baseline for comparison in future years.

We calculate each indicator according to:

  • Activities carried out directly by your business (operations).
  • Activities you influence by your supply chain choices.
  • Activities carried out by your customers.

We can help you gain a total picture of both positive and negative outcomes, and report the resulting net contribution. We will also tell you, from the evidence we assemble, what would have happened anyway (the counterfactual) and what impact one activity may have on another, outside your organisation (displacement).

The extent to which impacts of customers and suppliers can be attributed to your organisation’s actions will vary but we take this into account, using a range of recognised methodologies, models and research.

Why use Total Contribution

In addition to helping your organisation to increase the value it creates, demonstrating your Total Contribution can lead to real business benefits for your organisation.

Use Total Contribution in your organisation to:

  • Map indicators onto a framework that enables monitoring of progress over time.
  • Create a baseline against which you can measure progress.
  • Inform your strategic decision making.

Supply Chain

Benefits include long-term security of supply and a move from simple contract compliance to wellbeing. An understanding of the impacts of your suppliers leads to better-informed procurement choices and improved working relationships. Selecting suppliers based on their impacts can be a strong selling point to your customers.

How we measure the impacts within the supply chain We break down your supply chain expenditure by sector and use this to estimate the impacts of your suppliers.


Analysis of the contribution of your business activities will enable informed decisions leading to increased productivity. Your employees will be more engaged, easier to recruit and retain. You can use your resources more efficiently, reducing cost and improving margins. Demonstrating your Total Contribution from your business activities will enhance your brand image and reputation. It can increase the perceived value of your services and products, ensuring they are the preferred choice for your target markets.

How we measure the impacts
We use data from your internal sources, such as an accounts system.


Understanding the impact of activities of your customers can help to safeguard a healthy market. You can develop products and services based on this knowledge and use it to inform communications with current and prospective customers. Other benefits are the ability to scale and improved margins.

How we measure the impacts
We estimate the impacts using similar ratios to those used for the supply chain.

Once you have identified and demonstrated your Total Contribution, we can help you take it to the next step – to improve it over time. We can do this through consultancy support, training and capacity building, and other tools and methodologies.

Training Programme
Strategic overviews for leaders and practical training for teams.

We offer tailored on-site training and briefings on SROI, Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes and co-production, Total Contribution, measuring local economic impact, community economic development, the social value of research, and more.

Clients include local authorities, universities, public health services, NDPBs, charities, community groups, membership bodies, and responsible businesses.

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