Enterprising Coventry: Measuring the wider impact helps understanding and promotion of real value

Coventry City Local Enterprise Growth Initiative, now ‘Enterprising Coventry’, is a programme providing a wide range of support services to help local people start their own business, assist an existing business or help people move into work. NEF Consulting worked closely with Coventry City Council for over a year to create an SROI reporting and valuing model that rigorously quantifies the added value of social and economic wellbeing outcomes and skills created by the programme.

The collaboration has provided Enterprising Coventry with a measurement system that includes a sophisticated set of social outcomes data collection tools, training for practitioners and the internal administrative capacity for on-going future impact measurement.

Training Programme
Strategic overviews for leaders and practical training for teams.

We offer tailored on-site training and briefings on SROI, Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes and co-production, Total Contribution, measuring local economic impact, community economic development, the social value of research, and more.

Clients include local authorities, universities, public health services, NDPBs, charities, community groups, membership bodies, and responsible businesses.

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